Personal Growth at Newcomer Funeral Service Group Inc. NFSGI.

Personal Growth

Newcomer Funeral Service Group has afforded many opportunities to associates who desire personal growth through changing roles within the company. We post positions so all associates know of open positions and can express their interest. Here are a few examples:

Sometimes our Associates promote within the same Career Path…

Richard joined us in 1988 as an Apprentice; promoted to Funeral Director/Embalmer in 1989; became a Master Funeral Director in 1995; promoted to Managing Funeral Director for the Topeka Funeral Homes in 2000; added the responsibilities of the Topeka Cemeteries in 2010; and since 2012 holds the position of Director of Operations for Kansas, Colorado, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Robyn joined us in late 2000 as an Apprentice; promoted to Funeral Director Embalmer; promoted to Assistant Manager in 2007; Promoted to Managing Funeral Director in 2011.

David joined us in 2001; promoted to Funeral Director/Embalmer in 2002; was promoted to Funeral Director in Charge and transferred from Casper, WY to our Denver funeral homes in 2005 where he was promoted to an Area Manager in 2006 and currently is serving as Area Manager for our Kentuckiana market.

Sometimes our Associates change Career Paths…

Rachel joined us in late 2007 as an Accounts Payables Clerk; promoted into the Accounts Payables Supervisor in 2012 and through her demonstrated abilities in 2016 was promoted to the Business Systems Analyst in our Information Technology department.

Shelly joined us in 2005 as the Office Assistant; promoted into a Marketing Assistant in 2006; Internal Marketing Coordinator in 2007; promoted in 2011 to the Project Manager for Marketing and New Store Openings and in 2015 began holding a seat at the management table as the Marketing and Communications Manager.

Sometimes our Associates change states to continue their Career Path…

Eric joined us in 2104 as a Funeral Director/Embalmer in Toledo, OH. As an avid outdoorsman, Eric liked the thought of the opportunities in Casper, WY and transferred in 2015 to fill our Funeral Director need there.

Andy joined us in 2011 as a Funeral Director/Embalmer in Ohio. He and his wife had always lived in Ohio but really wanted to relocate to the coast. In 2014 when the Funeral Director/Embalmer opportunity opened in Orlando, they packed up and transferred to Florida.

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