NFSGI Core Values

Spotlight on NFSGI Core Values: Excellence
Throughout its history, our company has always been characterized by the pursuit of Excellence in everything we do, a relationship of Trust with the families we serve, Care for our associates and our communities, and the ongoing pursuit of Growth, both as individuals and as a company.

These four values serve as points on a compass, guiding our daily actions and decisions, helping us to always do the right thing.

Excellence is a quality that we strive for in everything we do. Our founder, Ren Newcomer, showed remarkable foresight when he first envisioned the type of business he wanted Newcomer Funeral Service Group to be. His goal was to provide the best quality funeral and cremation services at low, affordable prices, at a time when most funeral homes were charging significantly more. This model has only been successful because the Newcomer family remains committed to accepting less than half the profit of other providers, and continually reinvesting in associates and facilities.

When accepting an award for business leadership, Ren shared that while many may applaud his business acumen, he believes that in truth it is his quality of “obsessive-compulsive perfectionism” (in his words) that has led to our company’s success. His vision continues to attract like-minded funeral professionals who never settle for providing less than the best to every family. While we are all human, and can sometimes make mistakes, our goal every day is to provide perfect service to each family who chooses us.

If you share our value of Excellence, we have opportunities at funeral homes and cemeteries in communities across the country and may just have the right fit for you! Browse our open positions to learn more.

Posted: March 31, 2021
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