2019 Warren J. Newcomer Awards Announcement
Warren J. Newcomer, Sr. always said that “our success depends on those professionals who represent our company by satisfying the needs of one family at a time.” Twenty years ago, we established the Warren J. Newcomer Awards program to recognize those in our organization that truly embody that spirit. Here are our 2019 winners.

Administrative Coordinator of the Year Laura Wilder hails from Dayton, Ohio, where she is "the All-Star everyone wants on their team." Her manager notes that she is incredibly efficient, diligent, and amidst the intensity and stress of our profession, demonstrates true composure during even the most difficult times.

Cemetery Associate of the Year Clinton Cummings keeps the grounds of our Memorial Park Cemetery in Topeka, Kansas immaculate. According to his manager, Clinton takes care of all the daily details that make a large impact on the overall appearance of the cemetery, and is always willing to help when needed. A colleague notes that Clinton is always willing to help with any job, and does it with a positive attitude and a smile, taking so much pride in his work!

Family Service Associate Heather Schaller of Olathe, Kansas brings preplanning to a special level for the families she serves. An experienced funeral director, Heather is an excellent communicator, but it is her willingness to listen and understand a family's true needs that allows her to share the benefit and value of the decisions being made. Her families know she has their best interest in mind. Heather is committed to helping us grow and is continually out in her community serving and connecting with others.

Funeral Director Robyn Miller Forkner of Olathe, Kansas gives every family her undivided attention and is able to create a genuine connection so that each family feels as if they are talking to a friend.

Robyn constantly seeks the small details that allow her to exceed the family’s expectations, and takes the extra time to make sure they feel as if they are the only family we are serving. She is consistently recognized in the Olathe community and truly serves from the heart.

Funeral Home of the Year, Green Bay, Wisconsin, led by Manager Shawn Smith, boasts an amazing team of associates who care for their community, our funeral home and each other. When obstacles arise, they avoid excuses, own their actions and figure out how to make things happen.

Our funeral home continues to grow in a very traditional community, and our associates often travel more than an hour outside of their city to serve families in outlying areas - a great testament to their commitment and care.

Funeral Home Support Staff Marty Smith is a great asset to his team in St. Louis. He goes out of his way to make families feel as welcomed as possible, and is proactive.

Marty's co-workers resoundingly agree that he is someone they depend on and trust without hesitation. His passion is contagious and those who work with him are often motivated and inspired by him.

Home Office Associate Judi Gray in our Accounting Department is always willing to assist others in whatever capacity is needed and is willing to pioneer new projects.

Judi's positive and professional approach to her work has made her support to our funeral homes and cemeteries invaluable.

Masters Club inductee David Campanella currently serves as Division Director of our busy funeral homes in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Since joining our company 18 years ago as an apprentice in Casper, Wyoming, throughout his tenure as Manager in Denver, Colorado and within his current role, David has steadily grown in his skills and responsibilities.

Always willing to accept a new challenge and mentor others, David was recognized with our most prestigious award, the NFSGI Masters Club.

Congratulations to all of our winners!
Posted: May 26, 2020
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