Prearranged cremations and funerals

A Tradition of Caring® prearranged funerals
When we speak of A Tradition of Caring® we are referring to our 125-plus-year heritage of providing top-quality funerals and cremations and prearranged funeral and cremation services to our community. What is a prearranged service? It is simply a funeral or cremation plan that was made years or months in advance of the time of need, rather than after a death has occurred. There are many benefits to making these plans in advance.

1. A prearranged plan is a roadmap for your loved ones to follow. They won’t have to second-guess what music you would like played at your service, which urn or casket you would have wanted, where your service should be held, or any other important detail, because you will have already outlined that for them in your plan. While there are still decisions that your survivors will have to make, there are a lot that you can make ahead of time.

2. Without the pressures of time and grief, you will be able to carefully consider all of your options and avoid spending more than you are comfortable with. We all know how hard it is to make the best choices when we are under time pressure and emotional stress. Advance planning helps you avoid this and stay within your budget, allowing you to spend less, and leave more.

3. Planning ahead gives the gift of peace of mind – to yourself and your family. It is a relief to know that you have made all of the decisions that can be made, ahead of time, and that your loved ones won’t be faced with them upon your passing.

4. When you have a plan prepared, you can sit down with your family and review it with them, or even have them participate in the planning process. This lets you explain your wishes in detail and ensures that nothing is misunderstood or open to multiple interpretations when the time comes.

While it can be intimidating to think about planning your own funeral, making these plans ahead of time gives you the opportunity to carefully consider all of your options, and choose what is right for you. When a plan is in place, surviving family members have a reference point to work from, and it makes the remaining decisions much easier.

Give us a call today to see how A Tradition of Caring® prearranged cremation and funeral services can simplify the future for your family.

Posted: May 20, 2019
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