Random Acts of Kindness

How to celebrate: Random Acts of Kindness Day
Random acts of kindness bring light to any day. Whether you’re the giver of the receiver, they’ll surely make you much happier and feel better. So why not celebrate the day of Random Acts of Kindness full of kindness?! Here is a list of things you can do for free or for little money for others. But here’s the twist - find your birthday month in the first list and then find the day you were born on the second list!

Kindness is far more meaningful than treating others how they’d like to be treated. It’s also about self-love and being kind to yourself too. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Take a moment to be extra kind to yourself. Find your birth month in the list below and complete the task.

1. Treat yourself to your favorite food.
2. Have a spa night for yourself.
3. Take an hour or more to do your favorite hobby.
4. Name three things about yourself that you love.
5. Have a night to yourself to enjoy whatever you love.
6. Give yourself compassion.
7. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do.
8. Remind yourself of how great you are.
9. Stop every negative comment you say about yourself.
10. Dream about things you want for the future.
11. Get enough quality sleep and take a nap.
12. Start a happiness box with special notes or cards that lift you up. You can include inspirational quotes, photos, or anything that brings you joy.

Treating others with kindness will, in turn, will make you feel more satisfied and overall happier. So now here’s how you can be kind to others. Find your birthday from the list below.

1. Walk or interact with animals with a local animal shelter.
2. Give someone a compliment. Their reaction will be so worth it!
3. Pay for someone's order that’s behind you or in front of you.
4. Leave a dollar taped to the vending machine.
5. Send a loved one flowers and a special card.
6. Treat a friend to coffee.
7. Bake goodies for your local fire department.
8. Make an appreciation social media post for someone.
9. Donate items to a local hospital or shelter.
10. Surprise a neighbor with a plant.
11. Bring breakfast to the office for everyone.
12. Leave quarters at the laundromat.
13. Donate to a charity of your choice.
14. Give someone a handwritten card telling them how much you appreciate them.
15. Send a care package to someone in the military.
16. Go to your local elementary school and ask to pay off a student's lunch account that is overdue.
17. Shovel your neighbor's snow or rake their leaves.
18. Volunteer at a charity of your choice.
19. Donate your “read” books.
20. Smile at every person you see.
21. Send an encouraging email. A sweet and simple way to boost someone’s spirits is by sending good vibes to someone’s inbox.
22. Write positive sticky notes and leave them in places for people to find.
23. Let someone vent to you.
24. Ask and truly listen to how someone is doing.
25. Make a neighbor dinner.
26. Take a friend to see a movie they’ve been wanting to see.
27. Surprise your family with a visit.
28. Put extra money in the parking meter.
29. Give everyone you see a compliment and be genuine.
30. Pick up trash around town.
31. Plant a tree in an area that could use a little life.

Posted: February 01, 2018
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