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4 Keys to Preparing for a Stellar Funeral Industry Career
Are you passionate about helping people? Have you been seeking a way to get your foot in the door at a funeral home? If so, a career at Newcomer may just be the perfect fit for you! We offer a progressive, growth-oriented environment with caring, professional team members for you to thrive and succeed in. Here is some advice to get you started on your journey in this career path as soon as possible.

Gain Experience
The best advice for students is to get their foot in the door at a funeral home to gain practical experience in the funeral business. Most funeral homes employ part-time staff to greet families and assist funeral directors. This hands-on experience will provide you a first-hand look at how a funeral home runs. Work with your school guidance counselor to find opportunities, and don’t be afraid to reach out to local funeral homes and request an interview with a funeral director to gain more insight.

Make your resume stand out
Condense your resume to one to two pages at the most, and keep the relevant experience at the front. Remove the wordiness, and ensure your resume is visually appealing and professional. Tailor your resume towards the specific position, and focus on the customer service. Consider making a professional profile on LinkedIn to allow employers to find you more easily. Most employers only glance at a resume, so it is crucial that yours stands out.

Present yourself professionally
Dress professionally and conservatively. This entails grooming yourself and making sure your clothes are pressed when inquiring about a position. A first impression will be passed down from the reception desk to management, so ensure that you’re making a positive one.

Involve yourself in the industry
Joining the local funeral director association will show your seriousness in following this career path, and will also give you an additional networking opportunity. In addition to this, attend conventions where you can meet others who have worked in this field and learn more about the opportunities available. Explore The National Funeral Director’s Association website to continue to learn more about the industry and profession.

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Posted: August 25, 2017
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